Week 5 masterkey

Trying to keep up. I drive a school bus and look for shapes and colors. The amber(yellow) lights flash then the Reds come on. Both circles. Stop light red, yellow and green. Most signs are rectangle some squares. Circles. Triangles are hard but look at diamond and cut them in half. Arrows have triangles on the end. Been much better at reading  my blogs are so short been looking at other peoples. Not giving up, keep plugging away. Slow start but getting Better every day


Week 4 MMA

Re watched Sunday webs last weekend to try and get better, now going to rematch Monday web to try and understand the technical aspects. Starting to get better at reading and feeling better

Masterkey week 1

Very nervous  never thought about what I wanted in life or dreamed of the future. Using computer with Twitter and blogs are all new to me. Willing to learn and want to change  Repeating things over and over diff entry seems like you will make new habits. It’s hard getting into a new routine but will keep trying And am positive it will get easier